“The NatGAP awards are broken down really well with pictures etc. Our coaches have improved their preps and stations so much since using these. [In comparison to BG scheme]… It’s much better and also medals can be earned on all the different apparatus, which is great for the rec kids who don’t like one apparatus. The books, certificates an medals are paid for but you can easily mark up a bit to earn some extra funds.”

Facebook Discussion, Debbie Morgan. CAROUSEL GC

“I just got the order… I’ve spent the last hour looking through everything. WOW I absolutely LOVE this programme, this will push our recreational children from preschool and feeds in really well with the grading we have in squad and competitions. Its so upto date, nice progressions and the coaching guides will be super helpful for the teenagers we mentor.  We will definitely be signing up for after Jan.
What a great find! I actually found you on one of the Facebook groups im on. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength!”


“We’ve just received our first order so we can show our gymnasts what they will achieve as we transition to this new scheme. Everything is fantastic quality and we can’t wait to introduce it to our gymnasts in September! A very helpful team too. Thank you”

Facebook Comment, Lucy Judd. VIRTUOSITY


“We have just started using the NatGAP awards and these are engaging on all levels. We have been over the moon with these awards”

Facebook Discussion, Kate Hulme. IDSALL GC

“Wonderful scheme highly recommended. We have 300 gymnasts pre school to advanced level with record books and enjoy achieving stars, stickers, ticks, certificates and medals. This is a fantastic well thought out resource with accurate illustrations and progressions. The coaching guides are easy to follow and explain correct techniques to aid with the professional development of our coaching team. The colourful schemes posters are displayed around our gym as visual clues and references for our gymnasts and young leaders. The gymnasts enjoy achieving the quality medals with no two medals being the same will lovely illustrated centre pieces.”

Facebook Recommendation. Jane Henderson. GRINDON GC


“The workbooks literally got my squaddies through lockdown . I was able to set them tasks through zoom sessions using my coaching handbook – they all had their own individual gymnast record books . I then send which tasks we were working on to the parents and they practised them for the next zoom session. It worked like a dream and really kept them all going .”



“Highly Recommend NatGAP”

Facebook Discussion, Donna Parsons. KINGSTONVALE GC


“It’s perfect for the development of our squad teams
Amazing stuff – very impressed”

“Every time I check on my coaches they are busy teaching something constructive and useful. The kids love the medals they great to collect – our parents love it too.”

“We are seeing some really nice shapes – the presentation has improved.”

“We’ve even started our squad kids at the start as the basic progressions are so important…Those basic progressions are missed out so often.”



“The gymnasts love the medals and we find the scheme really helpful in providing a structure to work with. The coaching guides help my coaches with shaping and to ensure we are teaching the correct moves. The medal displays are also lovely for displaying all the medals together.”



“The kids love the books – they show their parents and friends what they’ve been doing. The medals are amazing and great for them to collect.  It offers a great structure to our coaches.  The awards have a short turn around time so we can get our hands on stock quickly.”

“When new members join, we give them a bag containing the club pen and their training book so get them started straight away. Parents can see what their child will be working towards.”