Advanced Scheme

Advanced programme for female competition gymnasts

Consisting of two additional levels to follow the Standard Scheme, the Advanced Scheme training book contains three levels:

  • Diamond level – the last level from the Standard Scheme
  • Blue Diamond
  • Pink Star Diamond

Each level has eight different sections of apparatus with twelve skills to complete an entire level.

Each section has 12 elements to complete – (10 out of 12 to pass). This scheme has a number of challenging skills which can achieved and acknowledged in the gym without the need to compete the skills in a competition environment. Perfect for gymnasts still competing and ones who love training but no longer want to compete.

When each section of a level is completed, the book is marked by the coach with the official stamp and a medal is awarded to the gymnast.

At the end of an entire level where all eight sections have been completed a certificate and T shirt are available to mark the achievement.