Standard Scheme

Standard programmes for girls and boys

NatGAP Standard Scheme target gymnast:

Gymnasts who will go on to do advanced rec, floor & vault and four piece competition, but starting with the basics.

The Standard Scheme four levels are:

  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Diamond

Each with 8 sections of apparatus with 12 skills to complete in each (10 out of 12 to pass). 96 skills in a level, forming a comprehensive learning programme for gymnasts and coaches. Coaching Guides have illustrations of all the skills listed.

  • Apparatus specific awards, so that gymnasts are not held back by being weaker on any piece – they always have something to aim for.
  • Girl’s sections : Vault, Bars, Beam Gym, Beam Acro, Floor Gym, Floor Shapes, Floor Acro and Body Prep
  • Boy’s sections : Vault, Bar, Parallel Bars, Mixed App (Rings and Pommel), Upper body & Gym, Floor Shapes, Floor Acro and Body Prep.

When a section is completed, mark the book with the official stamp award a medal. Medals available as ‘boy’ or  ‘girl’ gymnasts. Each design is unique for every section and level.

On completion of an entire level, a certificate is available.

After the more easily achieved Emerald level, other levels ramp up the difficulty and should be expect to take longer as skills progress.