Standard Scheme

Standard programmes for girls and boys

Aimed at gymnasts who will go on to do floor and vault and four piece competition, but starting with the basics.
The Standard Scheme four levels are:

  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Diamond

Each level has eight different sections of apparatus with twelve skills to complete in each (10 out of 12 to pass). Therefore the four levels consists of 96 skills each, forming a comprehensive learning programme for gymnasts and coaches. The Coaching Guides have illustrations of all the skills listed.

Apparatus specific awards work really well so that gymnasts are not held back by being weaker or stronger on a piece – they always have something to aim for.

Girl’s sections are: Vault, Bars, Beam Gym, Beam Acro, Floor Gym, Floor Shapes, Floor Acro and Body Prep

Boy’s sections are: Vault, Bar, Parallel Bars, Mixed App (Rings and Pommel), Upper body & Gym, Floor Shapes, Floor Acro and Body Prep.

When a section of a level is completed, the book is marked by the coach with the official stamp and a medal is awarded to the gymnast.

Medals are available as ‘boy’ gymnasts or as ‘girl’ gymnasts. Every design is different for every section and level. Also available are personalised medal displays to hang their collection of medals.

At the end of an entire level where all eight sections have been completed, a certificate is available to mark the achievement.

After the more easily achieved Emerald level, the other levels take them up through skill progression and will take longer to achieve for each level as they move through.