National Gymnastics Awards Programme

Progressive learning system for the teaching of gymnastics in clubs

About the programme

The National Gymnastics Awards Programme provides a comprehensive structured and progressive learning system for the teaching of artistic gymnastics in clubs. Designed for whole range of abilities, we help to keep kids in sport for as long as possible, whatever their level.

Passionate about gymnastics and all the ways it enhances lives, NatGAP is about quality and excellence – in content, products and service.

Produced by experienced gymnastics coaches we seek to prepare children with fundamental skills and elements right from the start of their gymnastics learning up to FIG four piece competition.

The programme consists of five schemes that guide the gymnasts through the various stages of learning on different apparatus and rewards their efforts at strategic intervals with professionally designed awards. Designed to encourage participation in and continuation of the sport through the use of clear goals and objectives, NatGAP helps clubs give structure for their coaches, while offering something different for their participants.

To use the schemes you must register your club with NatGAP. A password will be sent to you to access the online shop which provides the items required to run the scheme.


  • Structured and Progressive artistic gymnastic based programme.
  • At a glance record of achievement - great for gymnasts, parents and coaches - Logs achievement of skills learned and monitors progress.
  • Continual progression without being held back in any one area.
  • Clear targets and highlights areas for extra work.
  • Individual challenges - focusses on competition with self rather than against others.
  • Helps train less experienced coaches while the children achieve.
  • Achieved in the learning rather than competition environment with in-house rewards.
  • Sense of achievement and progression to encourage participation and continuation in the sport - encouraged with beautifully designed medals and awards.
  • Prepares gymnasts for recreation, Floor & Vault, Novice, Grades, four piece competition.
  • Generates a bit of extra income for your club without being too expensive for parents.